First session

Depend on the procedure area 
$150 per 1 x 1 + Service fee 


 (30- 60days after the first appointment)

$100 per 1×1 + Service fee 

Annual Touch Up

What’s Scalp pigmentation?

Scalp pigmentation is a non-surgical hair loss solution that replicates the look of short, natural hairstyling on bald or thinning areas. It involves the use of tiny dots of pigment to replicate the look of real hairs. The results are so realistic that it’s often difficult to tell that scalp pigmentation has been done.

How to Care After The Treatment?

The main objective in the aftercare of SMP is to slow down fading as much as we can. Fading is a natural process, and it cannot be stopped. Since we made a thousand tiny perforations on your skull, it can be itchy. 

  • Avoid shampoo and any hair care product for 2 days.
  • Please DO NOT touch or rub.
  • Avoid going out in the sun for 4days.
  • Avoid sweating (Sauna, Gym, swimming, workout) for 4 days.
  • Avoid wet shaving with razor blades for 10 days after the procedure.
  • You can apply moisturize if you feel dry ( 4 days later from your procedure)